About Us


The Broadband Communications Chamber (BBCC) was established to achieve the objectives of creating a private, voluntary, business organization researching and advising on broadband use, policy and regulation for economic development. To encourage the accelerated use of true broadband and to increase Broadband penetration targets and develop capacity in the broadband industry.


The Chamber's Mission is to be a lobbying group for the development and expansion of the broadband industry in line with Global trend and Government's intention of rapid penetration and development of broadband.


To see Broadband as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic growth


The Membership Body is made up of 4 categories namely; Founding Members: Blu Telecom, Broadband Home & Surfline. Industry Members: Organisations licensed or authorised to provide broadband and its related services. Associate Members: Associations, professional & non-profit bodies interested in broadband and its related services. Honorary Members: Open to Donor & Funding Agencies, Development Partners and distinguished individuals in the field of arts, sciences, industry and public service.


Yaw Akoto

Ag. Chairman Executive Council

Gustav Tamakloe

Ag. CEO / Executive Council Member

Ekow Thompson

Executive Council Member

Ernest Brown

Executive Council Member